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UKTC Launches Reaction to Fire Testing

United Kingdom Testing and Certification strike a strategic partnership with UKAS accredited laboratory to meet growth in demand for Reaction to Fire testing.

This partnership enables UKTC to bring the classification of building materials under BS EN 13501-1 to its technical service provision. This will include the following internationally recognised Reaction to Fire test methods:

· Single Burning Item (SBI) – BS EN 13823:2020

· Non-Combustibility – BS EN ISO 1182:2020

· Small Flame – BS EN ISO 11925-2:2020

· Calorific Value – BS EN ISO 1716:2018

Andrew Hutchison, Head of Technical Services at UKTC, said: “We have seen a huge increase in demand for reaction to fire testing, particularly in relation to building envelope products. This is being driven by regulatory changes as well as an increasing understanding from manufacturers of the value that testing adds to their products.

“That’s why, despite economic uncertainty, UKTC continues to commit significant investment to position ourselves as the benchmark in fire testing. In turn, enabling our customers to demonstrate compliance, minimise risk and reduce time to market”.

For more information about Reaction to Fire testing please visit:

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