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The Importance of Fire Resistance Testing.

Doors, shutters and windows are crucial in everyday life. They play a major role in the safety of your family and yourself. But what if these doors, shutters and windows were not safe? What would happen then? Well, you need to make sure that everything is tested before it's put into use for this very reason. That is why there are fire safety experts who test these items for their resistance against fire and smoke.

UK fire safety experts carry out a variety of tests in order to ensure that doors, shutters and windows are able to resist fire and smoke. The most common test is the fire resistance test, which is used to measure how long a door, shutter or window will withstand a fire. Other tests include the smoke leakage test, which measures how much smoke can escape from a closed door or window, and the flaming droplet test, which assesses how well a door or window prevents the spread of fire.

In the UK, laws exist in order to ensure that doors, shutters and windows are able to resist fire and smoke such as the Building Regulations 2000. These regulations state that all new buildings must be tested to make sure they adhere to strict safety guidelines and testing standards such as BS 476-22.

There are several ways to determine whether an item has successfully passed the fire safety test. One way is to check for the official certification mark. If a product has this certification mark, it means that it has been tested and certified by an accredited laboratory. Another way to tell if a product is fire safe is to see and verify a fire resistance test produced such as the comprehensive and internationally recognised fire resistance test report that is accessible from your online portal with video documentary evidence of the test; this report meets the strictest standards at our own UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

Fire safety is critical in any building, whether it’s a residential home or a commercial property. That’s why it’s important to have doors, shutters and windows that can resist fire and smoke. To ensure your safety, these components must be tested by experts to make sure they meet the required standards. To find out more information get in touch with our team of fire safety experts.


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