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Our Team

Join a Team Driving Change.

At UKTC, our exceptional team comprises distinguished scientists, accomplished engineers, dedicated researchers, and skilled technicians specializing in the built environment. United by our common mission - Trusted to ensure.


 Our distinction lies in our commitment to excellence, and are setting gold standard for efficiency within our sector. We stand at the forefront of innovation and continuous pioneering solutions that shape the future of our industry. Our unwavering dedication to advancing safety and efficiency underscores our position as industry leaders.


As part of our team, you're joining ambitious colleagues, intent on acting with integrity to find solutions to global challenges. We are proud of the diversity of our team and our collaborative approach to working supports our inclusive environment, encouraging individuals to contribute their whole self to working with us, for the benefit of the public and industries around the world.


We enable our people to take on new challenges, in varied and interesting roles, that contribute to making the built environment safer. Work at UKTC is interesting, innovative and incredibly valuable. You’ll have the opportunity to keep developing your knowledge and skills to continue your professional development throughout your career with us.

Our Culture

A Company with Morals

Beacon of Integrity

At UKTC, we're more than just a testing, inspection and certification company; we're a beacon of integrity. Our commitment to morality is at the core of everything we do.

Suppliers are Paid On-time Every Time

We prioritise the trust and collaboration of our suppliers, ensuring that they are paid promptly in order to create and maintain lasting and meaningful partnerships.

Staff as Family

Our staff are not just a team; they're part of the UKTC family. We prioritise their well-being by fostering a supportive and caring environment. We foster a collaborative atmosphere where we don't pull each other down but uplift and enable each other to reach our goals.

Truth as a Foundation

Truthfulness is the foundation upon which we succeed. We uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency with each other and our customers.

Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better

We treat mistakes as opportunities for growth. We encourage learning from them and focus hard on continuous improvement in all our endeavours.

Respectful Workplaces

Clean and respectful workplaces are our standard. We treat people, spaces and equipment with respect.

Marketing Manager

Permanent, Full-Time

Associate Technician

Permanent, Full-Time

Senior Product Conformity Officer

Permanent, Full-time

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