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BS 476:22 - The Scope of Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures.

A fire testing engineer with a large pole against a door

This British Standard (Part 22) surrounds the methods for determining the fire resistance of non-load bearing elements of construction.

The Scope

BS476 scope describes the procedures for determining the fire resistance of any non-load bearing elements of the building construction when subjected to heating and pressure conditions specified in BS476:20. The test would be conducted in-line with BS476:20 with regular observations ont he behaviour and impact of the specimen material or object; including - but not limited to - the mode of failure in the event of collapse.

The results should be recorded in elapsed time to the nearest minute, from the commencement of the heating and pressure being impacted through to the failure of the specimen with samples thereafter taken from both sides; if the testing is carried or conducted on one side then only one specimen would be taken and rationale clearly stated in the report.


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