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Quick Read - Smoke Leakage Testing

A banner displaying Smoke Leakage Testing with smoke at the side

Smoke leakage testing is a critical procedure for assessing the efficacy of smoke control door and shutter assemblies at ambient temperatures. This test is essential for understanding how smoke can travel through doors and shutters during a fire, simulating cold air leakage which mirrors smoke movement in real-life fire situations.

Why Smoke Leakage Testing is Essential

Doors serve as crucial components in buildings, required to fulfill multiple roles due to evolving building codes. A key aspect of their functionality is to maintain a safe environment, where controlling smoke spread is increasingly becoming a regulatory requirement. In many scenarios, a fire door that blocks flames but allows smoke to pass is considered insufficient. The emphasis is on doors that can also prevent smoke spread, particularly cold or ambient smoke as specified in some regions like the UK. These doors typically incorporate intumescent seals that expand under fire conditions to seal gaps, ensuring the containment of fire and smoke within compartments.

The Smoke Leakage Testing Process

The testing involves a specialized chamber setup where the door or shutter sample is installed. This chamber is equipped with fans, a pressure transducer, and a flow meter to control and measure the pressure and rate of leakage across the door or shutter. By adjusting the fan’s polarity, the test can simulate both inward and outward leakage, providing a comprehensive view of the assembly’s performance under different pressure scenarios.

Choosing UKTC for Your Smoke Leakage Testing Needs

United Kingdom Testing and Certification (UKTC) offers thorough smoke leakage testing services following BS EN 1634-3 and BS 476-31.1 standards. Our advanced laboratory is equipped with the latest testing technology to ensure accurate and reliable results. Smoke leakage testing is an integral part of ensuring fire safety in buildings, as it helps identify potential pathways for smoke during a fire, which is crucial for protecting lives.

For more information, reach out to us at or call 01355 433122. Our experienced team is here to assist with all your smoke leakage testing needs, ensuring your product is as safe and resilient as possible.


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