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UKTC Launches U-Value Calculations

United Kingdom Testing and Certification invest in U-Value calculation to meet increased demand for sustainable buildings.

As energy prices continue to soar and the awareness of sustainable buildings continues to grow, performance measures such as u-values are becoming increasingly important. This has been reflected in the recent revision of Approved Document L which came into force earlier this year.

The revised Approved Document L has targeted new-build dwellings with a 30% decrease in carbon emissions, along with a much improved method for the energy modelling of buildings. There is aslo ‘fabric first’ approach, which has long been called for. This stops new homes being constructed poorly but still meeting the requirements by adding renewables, such as solar panels allowing an 'offset' in emissions rather than a reduction. Most significantly, the supply chain will now have to comply with increases in the ‘backstops’ (the minimum allowable performance for walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors) in a bid to improve the energy efficiency of new-homes.

UKTC can undertake U-Value calculations of doors and windows to the following internationally recognised calculation methods:

Andrew Hutchison, Head of Technical Services at UKTC, said: “As a result of the recent energy crisis, there is a heightened awareness of importance of the energy efficiency of the building stock in the UK. Couple this with the mandates set out in the recently revised Approved Document L, U-Value calculation is going to be an increasingly important performance characteristic for walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors going forward.

“That’s why, despite economic uncertainty, UKTC continues to commit significant investment to position itself as a benchmark in performance testing of construction products. In turn, enabling our customers to demonstrate compliance, minimise risk and reduce time to market”.

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