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Third party certification that delivers assurance for our customers and their end users. 

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New Benchmark in
Product Certification

UKTC ensure provides independent confirmation of the performance of your products. Our certificates offer reliable, impartial, objective, and internationally recognized evidence to you and your customers that your product is safe, high-quality, and compliant.

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Golden Thread Compatible

UKTC ensure integrates seamlessly with the Golden Thread framework, ensuring that all product information is maintained digitally and securely. This compatibility guarantees that right information is available to the right people at the right time. By aligning with the Golden Thread, we help you maintain transparency and accountability throughout your product's lifecycle.

Premium Customisable Labels

Our premium labels are the perfect solution for displaying your product's performance and certification details. They are tamper-proof and designs to be clear and unambiguous, making it easy for stakeholders to verify compliance via QR codes. With our labels, you can enhance the professional appearance and credibility of your products.

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Ensure Digital Vault

Vault by UKTC ensure is a secure repository for all certification documents, providing easy accessibility in one place. With real-time updates and robust version control, it ensures the most accurate and current information is available at all times. This centralised approach enhances overall document management efficiency and minimises the risk of discrepancies.

Fast Track Certification

Accelerate your product certification process with our streamlined approach. We ensure thoroughness accuracy without compromising on speed. Stay ahead of the competition and respond quickly to market demands with our efficient certification process.

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