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Market Leading Testing, Inspection and Fire Certification. At United Kingdom Testing and Certification (UKTC) we deliver market-leading testing solutions to complex problems; building our mission statement of Trusted to Ensure. We deliver assurance to our clients and their customers every day.

UKTC | Trusted to Ensure.

UKTC | Trusted to Ensure.

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At United Kingdom Testing and Certification (UKTC), we provide market leading solutions for end-to-end testing, inspection and full fire certification. We help clients to demonstrate their commitment to safety and compliance with all appropriate standards and building codes.

In the complex and ever-changing environment we now find ourselves in, there’s never really been a time when there has been more scrutiny over the fire safety of the products and systems that are used to construct the building we live and work in everyday.

With our industry leading UKAS accredited testing Laboratory No. 21542 that is equipped with the latest fire resistance testing equipment, we are able to test to a number of international standards including British Standards (BS) and European Standards (EN).

Our team are able to offer a comprehensive range of fire resistance and reaction to fire testing with fast turnarounds and comprehensive reporting.

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Meet our Team

Andrew Hutchison
Andrew Hutchison

Head of Technical Services

David Brown
David Brown


Robert Grant

Technical Officer

Adam Headshot_2.png
Adam Campbell

Technical Officer

Barry Steven
Barry Steven

Laboratory Operations Manager

Ellen Johnson

Compliance Officer

Nathan Small

Technical Officer

Aditi Headshot_2.png
Aditi Bapte

Technical Officer

Daniel Fitzsimmons

Head of Testing

Murray Ker

Business Development Officer

Mark Kelly


Our Mission

Trusted to ensure.


UKTC's mission is to ensure life-safety by empowering businesses to showcase their compliance. The "why" behind our existence lies in the fundamental belief that adherence to regulations and standards is paramount for preserving life and property. By facilitating businesses in demonstrating their commitment to compliance, we contribute to a safer built environment. We recognize that life-safety is a collective responsibility, and our "why" embodies the ethos of fostering a culture where businesses actively participate in upholding the highest standards to protect communities and assets.



The "how" of UKTC's approach is defined by four pillars: accuracy, efficiency, conscientiousness, and innovation.


Accuracy ensures that our work is reliable and carried out with the upmost integrity, leaving no room for error.


Efficiency is embedded in our workflow, streamlining processes to deliver results promptly for our customers without compromising quality.

Conscientiousness guides our actions, emphasizing the thoroughness and diligence required in every body of work that we undertake.


Innovation propels us forward, constantly seeking out the state of the art to improved our services.


We Test, Inspect, and Certify regulated products, processes, and persons. Our customers entrust us with the critical responsibility of evaluating and validating compliance across a spectrum of domains. Testing involves rigorous assessments to ascertain the functionality and safety of products. Inspection delves into the thorough examination of processes to ensure adherence to established standards. Certification is the culmination, providing official recognition of compliance. Through this suite of services, we build a foundation of trust with our customers, assuring them that their products, processes, and personnel meet or exceed the necessary regulatory benchmarks.

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