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UKCA deadline for construction products extended to June 2025

The UK Government announced today (9 December), to continue the recognition of CE marking on construction products in England, Scotland and Wales until June 2025.

In a Government announcement last month, the CE / UKCA transition deadline was extended for a wide range of products. However, that announcement did not cover construction products.

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Today’s announcement and extension means that construction products, which fall within the scope of a harmonised/designated standard, being placed on the market in Great Britain can continue to be CE marked until 30 June 2025. This is a change from the previous published date of 1 January 2023, and means that CE marking on relevant products will continue to be acceptable without the accompanying UKCA marking.

Northern Ireland will continue to recognise CE marking, but not UKCA marking, due to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Andrew Hutchison, Head of Technical Services at UKTC, said: "Shareholders across the sector are relieved that the UK Government have clarified this matter.

"The Construction Products Association and Construction Leadership Council have been instrumental in lobbying the UK Government for an extension to this deadline for some time."

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