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Navigating UK's Post-Brexit Standards: The Essential Guide to UKCA Marking for Fire Doorsets

In the wake of Brexit, the United Kingdom has been charting a course that increasingly diverges from the European Union's regulatory framework. This shift has significant implications for various sectors, including the manufacturing and certification of fire doorsets. Navigating these changes can be challenging, but with the right information and resources, businesses can adapt smoothly and continue to thrive.

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Post-Brexit Changes in UK Standards

Since the departure from the EU, the UK has begun to establish its own set of standards, moving away from the previously harmonized EU norms in some cases. A clear example of this divergence is seen in the certification process for fire doorsets, a critical component in building safety. According to recent reports, the UK is steadily developing its own regulatory environment, distinct from the EU's rules (The Guardian, Dec 2023).

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) is currently pressing ahead with replacing the CE mark with UKCA, for all construction products sold in the UK from June 2025.

The new mark incorporates the same standards as the EU version - however only Initial Type Testing (ITT) undertaken by UK-accredited testing facilities will be able to be used to validate it.

Despite a u-turn from the Department for Business & Trade which saw an indefinite extension to to recognise CE Marking, a spokesperson for DLUHC has confirmed that the intention was not to recognise the CE mark from June 2025 however added that they need to provide certainty for the sector and are carefully considering recommendations by independent reviewers and will set out the next steps in due course.

The UKCA Marking

One of the pivotal changes is the introduction of the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking. This marking is now mandatory for fire doorsets being sold in Great Britain. Importantly, it must be noted that only products tested after December 31, 2022, need to be assessed by a UK-approved body. This means that products tested before this date under previous EU standards may not require immediate retesting.

Expanding UK Testing Capacity

UKTC has been investing heavily in new capacity to accommodate the rapid interest and need expected for products to be tested to UKCA standards.

United Kingdom Testing and Certification (UKTC) at the Forefront

UKTC is playing a vital role in this transition. As an organization committed to ensuring safety and compliance, UKTC offers comprehensive testing and certification services for fire doorsets. We are well-equipped to help businesses navigate the new UKCA marking process, providing expertise and support in an area where currently there is limited coverage.


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