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What are Fire-Rated Doors?

In the United Kingdom, fire-rated doors are crucial to building safety, serving as a frontline defence against the spread of fire and smoke. These doors are designed and constructed to withstand fire for a certain period, usually rated in minutes (30, 60, 90, etc.), to allow safe egress and help contain the fire.

A fire-door sign

British Standards and UKAS Certification: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The manufacturing and installation of fire-rated doors in the UK are governed by stringent standards and regulations. One of the key standards is BS-EN 1634-1, which outlines the requirements for fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies. 

This standard ensures that fire-rated doors are rigorously tested for their integrity and ability to resist fire under controlled conditions.

Another critical aspect of fire-rated doors is the certification by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). UKAS accreditation provides assurance that the products, services, and personnel meet the required standards and are competent to carry out specific tasks. For fire-rated doors, this means that they have been tested, evaluated, and certified to meet the highest safety standards.

Features and Importance of Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors typically consist of a combination of materials like timber, steel, and fire-resistant glass. They are equipped with special seals that expand in the presence of heat to prevent the passage of smoke and fire. Additionally, these doors are usually fitted with self-closing mechanisms to ensure they remain shut in case of a fire, an essential feature for maintaining the integrity of fire compartments within a building.

The primary function of fire-rated doors is not just to provide a barrier against fire but also to ensure that there is a safe route for the building's occupants to evacuate. They are commonly installed in areas that are more susceptible to fire, such as kitchens, boiler rooms, and areas with electrical equipment.

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