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Single Burning Item (SBI) Test
BS EN 13823:2020

United Kingdom Testing and Certification can offer Reaction to Fire Testing Services through strategic partner laboratories that are UKAS accredited for this activity.


Building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burned item (BS EN 13823:2020)


This procedure specifies a method of test for determining the rection to fire performance of construction products when exposed to thermal attack by a single burning item (SBI).


The test specimen consists of 2 vertical wings forming a right-angled corner. The dimensions of the wings are:


  • The long wing: 1500mm high x 1000mm long.

  • The short wing 1500mm high x 500 + (thickness of long wing) mm long

  • The maximum thickness shall be no more than 200mm. If the product is thicker than 200mm, then thickness shall be reduced on the unexposed side.


The samples must be conditioned, a minimum of 3 samples must be tested. The extraction is set to a volume flow of 0.6=-0.05m³/s.

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 18.40.45.png

Each test specimen is then fixed in the trolley and is exposed to a flame from a burner placed at the bottom of the corner. The flame is obtained by combustion of propane gas and gives heat output of 30.7±2kW.


The flame is applied for 20 mins.


The test apparatus measures the following:


  • Temperatures of exhaust gases

  • Volume flow in the exhaust

  • Light attenuation (for measurement of smoke density)

  • O2 and CO2 mole fraction of the exhaust gases.



These quantities are recorded automatically and are used to calculate the Heat Release Rate (HRR) and Smoke Production Rate (SPR). A visual observation is also measured for flaming droplets an horizontal spread of flame.


HRR is used to calculate FIGRA (fire growth rate) at 0.2 and 0.4MJ, and SPR is used to calculate SMOGRA (smoke growth rate).


The test report is then written by the highly experienced UKTC team.

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