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Single Flame Source Test
BS EN ISO11925-2:2020

United Kingdom Testing and Certification can offer Reaction to Fire Testing Services through strategic partner laboratories that are UKAS accredited for this activity.


Single Flame Source Test (BS EN ISO 11925-2:2020)


This method specifies a test for determining the ignitability of products by direct small-flame impingement under zero impressed irradiance using vertically oriented test specimens.


The test specimens are cut from a sample which is representative of the product to be tested (e.g. it shall be tested as an assembly of component and not individually). When a substrate is used a specimen must be tested with a substrate representative of the end-use application.


Each specimen is 250 ±2mm long and 90 ±2mm vide and are conditioned in accordance with 2.3.


The samples are tested with 2 exposure conditions to a 20mm flame:

  • Surface exposure – 40mm above bottom edge

  • Edge exposure – at the bottom of the specimen

A piece of wood being burnt with an exposed flame

6 samples must be tested in each exposure – a total of 12 samples.

The flame is applied for 15 or 30s, depending on the classification sought.

The pass/fail criteria for classification are spread of flame to 150mm for the application of the burner flame.

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